Like her documentary film, “۲۱ Days and Me”, Shirin Barghnavard has recently focused on women and social issues in her independent films.

In “۲۱ Days and Me”, she reflected her life and her concerns about becoming a mother as a woman who lives in an Iranian society when she finds out that her husband is disagree with having a child. While struggling with this issue, she finds out there is a fibroma growing in her womb. The director, her husband and family were the narrators of this film.

Barghnavard is the Full member of Iranian Documentary Filmmakers Association (IRDFA) and Academy member of Iranian Short Film Association (ISFA). She started her career in 1997 by making several short experimental films. After graduation in Film Directing from Sooreh University of Tehran in 1999, she moved to Australia and continued her study in Screen at Central Institute for Technology. She returned Iran in 2007.

She has made several short films like, “The Eclipse”, “Good Morning Mona Lisa”, “Return” and “The Ashes of Glass” as well some award winning documentary films like “At the end of the Fasl”, “Shirin’s Memory”, “My Share of Beauty”, “Profession: Documentarist” and “Scenes from a Divorce”.

As an editor, she has also edited several documentary films like, “Hey Humans” (directed by Rakhshan Bani Etemad), “Fest of Duty” (directed by Firoozeh Khosrovani), “Lighting the Shadows” (directed by Mohammad Reza Jahanpanah) and “Portrait of a Woman beside Me” (directed by Pouria Jahanshad).

She is currently making a film about the life and work of a female entrepreneurs, “Shirin Parsi” in the Karestan Documentary Film Series.