“The Red Card”, a documentary film about the life and trial of Shahla Jahed, a woman who was executed as the killer of Laleh Saharkhizan, Naser Mohammadkhani’s wife, upraised Mahnaz Afzali’s name as a documentary filmmaker, for up until then, Afzali was recognized as an actress in theater, cinema and television.

Before making “The Red Card”, Afzali had made “No Witness” in the year 2000. This film, like most of her other films is about women and their problems. “The Ladies” is another of her films with the subject of street women who live in parks. In addition to documentary filmmaking, Afzali has been the host of the radio program “Cinema and Music”, and has narrated many documentary films. Afzali is expected to make the fifth film in KARESTAN” documentary film series.