Mahmoud Nazzari has studied management at Tehran University. He entered the job market with great ideas, and worked for 13 years as a finance manager at other companies. Being familiar with personal computers together with his command of the financial sectors helped Nazzari to convince his employer to make use of processing technologies in their computations. This experience was not only successful, but it also brought about Nazzari’s acquaintance with Homayoun Hariri. In 1987, together with Homayoun Hariri and with the help of Shahriar Rahimi, Nazzari established an organization that has turned into the biggest software company in the private sector. Ever since, charismatic management, innovative view and high risk-taking have been the distinct features of SystemGroup’s director. Nazzari, who is described by his colleagues as smart and creative, honest, passionate, while strict, precise and at times idealist, has woven his energetic and dynamic spirit into the fabric of SystemGroup. During all these years, his enthusiasm for change and seeking new ways for the expansion of the organization’s activities, alongside his control and monitoring of the operations by other members of the board, has steered SystemGroup in the path to success.